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Niger Niger electrical outlets : do I need a travel adapter?

You're going to travel to Niger and you don't know if your electric devices (your computer, mobile phone, battery charger...) will be able to work there?

To know if you need a travel plug adapter to go to Niger, you have to consider 3 things : the shape of the plugs, the voltage and the frequency of the current delivered by electrical outlets in Niger.

Electrical outlets (sockets) and plugs used in Niger

Here are the shape of the sockets in Niger, and the the types of plugs used in Niger :

electrical outlet socket type C in Niger
type C
electrical outlet socket type D in Niger
type D
electrical outlet socket type E in Niger
type E
electrical outlet socket type F in Niger
type F

plug type c  plug type d  plug type e  plug type ef  plug type f  

Plug adapter for Niger

If none of your usual plug is compatible, you should buy a travel adapter to be able to plug your electric devices in Niger (please visit our selection on Amazon for more details).

best travel adapters for niger

Prepare your travel to enjoy your stay in Niger

What is the type of electrical outlets and current in Niger?

The type of electrical outlets commonly used in Niger is the Type C Europlug and the Type E/F Schuko plug.

The standard voltage in Niger is 220 volts, and the frequency is 50 Hz. The standard current used is 16 amps.

How can I charge the battery of my phone or computer in Niger?

To charge the battery of your phone or computer in Niger, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the power requirements of your device

Before you travel to Niger, make sure to check the power requirements of your phone or computer. Verify if it is compatible with the power outlets in Niger. The standard voltage in Niger is 220-240 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz.

Step 2: Get a power adapter or converter

If your device is not compatible with the power outlets in Niger, you will need a power adapter or converter. Power adapters allow you to plug your device into different types of sockets, while converters change the voltage to match your device's requirements. Purchase the appropriate power adapter or converter before your trip.

Step 3: Find a power source

In Niger, you can charge your device using the power outlets available in hotels, guesthouses, or other accommodations. Some public places like airports, cafes, and restaurants also have available power outlets for charging. Make sure to ask permission or check if charging your devices is allowed in these places.

Step 4: Use surge protectors or voltage stabilizers

Niger's electrical system may sometimes experience fluctuations or power surges. To protect your devices from potential damage, consider using surge protectors or voltage stabilizers while charging. These devices safeguard your phone or computer by regulating the voltage and blocking any sudden spikes.

Step 5: Ensure proper adapters and connectors

Double-check that you have the correct adapters and connectors for your phone or computer. Some devices may require specific cables or connectors for charging. It's always better to carry additional cables or connectors as backups, especially if you are unsure about the availability of compatible ones in Niger.

Step 6: Charge in a secure location

When charging your phone or computer in Niger, try to do so in a secure location where you can keep an eye on your devices. If you need to leave your device unattended, ensure that it is in a safe and locked place to avoid any potential theft or damage.

By following these steps, you should be able to charge the battery of your phone or computer in Niger without any issues. Remember to prioritize your safety and use authorized charging options whenever possible.

Which power adapter should I buy for Niger?

The power adapter that you should buy for Niger is the Type C power adapter. This is the most commonly used power adapter in Niger and is compatible with the country's electrical outlets. It has two round pins and can support voltages ranging from 220 to 240 volts. Make sure to check the voltage of your electronic devices before purchasing the power adapter to ensure compatibility.

What are the 20 largest cities in Niger?

1. Niamey

2. Zinder

3. Maradi

4. Agadez

5. Tahoua

6. Dosso

7. Birni-Nkonni

8. Tessaoua

9. Gaya

10. Dogondoutchi

11. Diffa

12. Dosso

13. Madaoua

14. Mirya

15. Ayorou

16. Téra

17. Mayahi

18. Dakoro

19. Matameye

20. Say