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best travel adapters for Hungary

Hungary Hungary electrical outlets : do I need a travel adapter?

You're going to travel to Hungary and you don't know if your electric devices (your computer, mobile phone, battery charger...) will be able to work there?

To know if you need a travel plug adapter to go to Hungary, you have to consider 3 things : the shape of the plugs, the voltage and the frequency of the current delivered by electrical outlets in Hungary.

Electrical outlets (sockets) and plugs used in Hungary

Here are the shape of the sockets in Hungary, and the the types of plugs used in Hungary :

electrical outlet socket type C in Hungary
type C
electrical outlet socket type F in Hungary
type F

plug type c  plug type e  plug type ef  plug type f  

Plug adapter for Hungary

If none of your usual plug is compatible, you should buy a travel adapter to be able to plug your electric devices in Hungary (please visit our selection on Amazon for more details).

best travel adapters for hungary

Prepare your travel to enjoy your stay in Hungary

What is the type of electrical outlets and current in Hungary?

The type of electrical outlets used in Hungary is type C and type F. Type C outlets have two round pins, while type F outlets have two round pins with two earth clips on the sides.

The current used in Hungary is 230 volts AC, with a frequency of 50 hertz.

How can I charge the battery of my phone or computer in Hungary?

Charging the battery of your phone or computer in Hungary is quite straightforward. The electrical system in Hungary operates at a voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Check the voltage and frequency requirements of your device. Most modern smartphones and computers are designed to work with a wide range of voltages (e.g., 100-240V) and frequencies, so you may not need a voltage converter or transformer.

2. If your device's power adapter has a removable plug, you will need a plug adapter to match the type of outlets used in Hungary. In Hungary, the standard plug type is the European type C or F, which has two round pins. Plug adapters are easily available in most electronics or travel stores.

3. Find an electrical outlet. In Hungary, the standard socket type is the European type C or F, which accepts two round pins. The sockets usually provide 230 volts of electricity.

4. Connect your device's power adapter to the plug adapter (if necessary) and then plug it into the electrical outlet. Ensure a secure connection.

5. Check if your device is charging. Most phones or computers will display a charging indicator on their screen or LED indicator lights. If it begins to charge, you're all set!

It's important to note that while the steps mentioned above are general guidelines, it's advisable to consult your device's user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions on charging your particular phone or computer model in Hungary.

Which power adapter should I buy for Hungary?

You should buy a power adapter that is suitable for Hungary. The power plugs and sockets in Hungary are of type C and F. Type C sockets have two round pins, while type F sockets have two round pins with two earth clips on the sides.

When buying a power adapter, make sure it is compatible with these types of sockets. It should allow you to plug in your devices and safely convert the voltage to match the standards in Hungary, which is 230 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz.

It is recommended to purchase a universal power adapter that can be used in multiple countries, including Hungary. These adapters usually come with interchangeable plugs that can be easily switched according to the socket type of the specific country.

What are the 20 largest cities in Hungary?

The 20 largest cities in Hungary are:

  1. Budapest
  2. Debrecen
  3. Szeged
  4. Miskolc
  5. Pécs
  6. Győr
  7. Nyíregyháza
  8. Kecskemét
  9. Székesfehérvár
  10. Szombathely
  11. Szolnok
  12. Tatabánya
  13. Kaposvár
  14. Érd
  15. Veszprém
  16. Békéscsaba
  17. Zalaegerszeg
  18. Sopron
  19. Eger
  20. Nagykanizsa