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best travel adapters for Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic electrical outlets : do I need a travel adapter?

You're going to travel to Dominican Republic and you don't know if your electric devices (your computer, mobile phone, battery charger...) will be able to work there?

To know if you need a travel plug adapter to go to Dominican Republic, you have to consider 3 things : the shape of the plugs, the voltage and the frequency of the current delivered by electrical outlets in Dominican Republic.

Electrical outlets (sockets) and plugs used in Dominican Republic

Here are the shape of the sockets in Dominican Republic, and the the types of plugs used in Dominican Republic :

electrical outlet socket type A in Dominican Republic
type A
electrical outlet socket type B in Dominican Republic
type B

plug type a  plug type b  

Plug adapter for Dominican Republic

If none of your usual plug is compatible, you should buy a travel adapter to be able to plug your electric devices in Dominican Republic (please visit our selection on Amazon for more details).

best travel adapters for dominican-republic

Prepare your travel to enjoy your stay in Dominican Republic

What is the type of electrical outlets and current in Dominican Republic?

The type of electrical outlets commonly used in the Dominican Republic is Type A and Type B.

Type A outlets have two flat parallel pins, while Type B outlets have two flat pins and a grounding pin.

The standard voltage in the Dominican Republic is 110-120 volts, and the frequency is 60 Hz.

How can I charge the battery of my phone or computer in Dominican Republic?

Charging the battery of your phone or computer in the Dominican Republic is usually straightforward. Here are a few options:

1. Use a Wall Adapter: Most modern electronic devices come with universal chargers that support different voltage and plug types. You can simply use a wall adapter to connect your charger to the local power outlets in the Dominican Republic. The standard voltage in the country is 110-120V, and the outlets are typically equipped with two or three-pronged plugs.

2. USB Charging: Many electronic devices can also be charged through a USB port. You can bring along a USB cable and connect it to your laptop or any device with a USB port for charging purposes. USB charging is a convenient option while traveling.

3. Portable Power Banks: Carrying a portable power bank is an excellent way to charge your devices on the go. You can charge the power bank before leaving for the Dominican Republic and use it to recharge your phone or computer whenever needed.

Remember to check your device's charging requirements and ensure compatibility with the local voltage before connecting it to a power source. It's also advisable to carry the necessary adapters or converters based on your device's plug type.

Which power adapter should I buy for Dominican Republic?

When traveling to the Dominican Republic, it is important to have the right power adapter to ensure that your electronic devices can be charged without any issues. The power sockets in the Dominican Republic are of type A and B.

Type A power sockets have two flat parallel pins and are typically found in North and Central America, as well as some parts of South America and the Caribbean. Type B power sockets, on the other hand, have two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin (which is often recessed) and are also commonly used in North and Central America.

To make sure you can charge your devices in the Dominican Republic, you will need a power adapter that is compatible with type A and/or type B sockets. A universal travel adapter that supports these socket types is readily available and would be a convenient choice. Make sure to check the voltage compatibility of your devices as well. The standard voltage in the Dominican Republic is 110-120 volts, and the frequency is 60 Hz.

Before purchasing a power adapter, it is always a good idea to double-check the specific requirements of your devices and compare them with the specifications of the adapter to ensure compatibility.

What are the 20 largest cities in Dominican Republic?

According to the latest available data, the 20 largest cities in the Dominican Republic are:

  1. Santo Domingo
  2. Santiago de los Caballeros
  3. Santo Domingo Oeste
  4. Santo Domingo Este
  5. San Pedro de Macorís
  6. La Romana
  7. Bella Vista
  8. San Cristóbal
  9. Puerto Plata
  10. San Francisco de Macorís
  11. Higüey
  12. La Vega
  13. Punta Cana
  14. San Juan de la Maguana
  15. Ciudad Nueva
  16. Concepción de La Vega
  17. Salvaleón de Higüey
  18. Tamboril
  19. Azua de Compostela
  20. Bajos de Haina

Please note that this list may vary depending on population shifts and updates.