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best travel adapters for Cambodia

Cambodia Cambodia electrical outlets : do I need a travel adapter?

You're going to travel to Cambodia and you don't know if your electric devices (your computer, mobile phone, battery charger...) will be able to work there?

To know if you need a travel plug adapter to go to Cambodia, you have to consider 3 things : the shape of the plugs, the voltage and the frequency of the current delivered by electrical outlets in Cambodia.

Electrical outlets (sockets) and plugs used in Cambodia

Here are the shape of the sockets in Cambodia, and the the types of plugs used in Cambodia :

electrical outlet socket type A in Cambodia
type A
electrical outlet socket type C in Cambodia
type C
electrical outlet socket type G in Cambodia
type G

plug type a  plug type c  plug type g  

Plug adapter for Cambodia

If none of your usual plug is compatible, you should buy a travel adapter to be able to plug your electric devices in Cambodia (please visit our selection on Amazon for more details).

best travel adapters for cambodia

Prepare your travel to enjoy your stay in Cambodia

What is the type of electrical outlets and current in Cambodia?

The type of electrical outlets commonly found in Cambodia is type A, type C, and type G.

Type A outlets are the two flat-pin plugs like those used in the United States and Canada.

Type C outlets are the two round-pin plugs commonly used in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Type G outlets are the three rectangular-pin plugs used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and some other countries.

The standard voltage in Cambodia is 230V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz.

How can I charge the battery of my phone or computer in Cambodia?

To charge your phone or computer in Cambodia, you will need to have the appropriate charger and access to electricity. Cambodia uses Type A, C, and G outlets, so ensure that you have the correct adapter for your device.

Once you have the necessary equipment, follow these steps:

1. Locate an electrical outlet - Look for a nearby socket that you can use to plug in your charger.

2. Insert the charger - Plug your charger into the wall socket.

3. Connect your device - Attach the other end of the charger to your phone or computer. Make sure it is securely connected.

4. Check the charging status - Most devices will display a battery icon or notification to indicate that they are charging. Check if it's charging properly.

5. Wait for the battery to charge - The time it takes to fully charge your device depends on its battery capacity and the charging speed. It is recommended to leave it plugged in until the battery is fully charged.

It's important to note that Cambodia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz frequency. Make sure your charger and devices are compatible with these specifications to avoid any electrical issues.

Additionally, you can also consider carrying a portable power bank if you anticipate being in areas without access to electricity. These power banks can store electrical energy, allowing you to charge your devices on the go.

Which power adapter should I buy for Cambodia?

When it comes to buying a power adapter for Cambodia, it is essential to consider the local power outlet and voltage requirements. In Cambodia, the standard voltage is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz.

The power outlets used in Cambodia are of type A, C, and G. Type A outlets have two flat parallel pins, type C outlets have two round pins, and type G outlets have three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern.

To ensure compatibility and avoid any electrical issues, it is recommended to purchase a universal power adapter that supports type A, C, and G outlets. Such adapters are widely available online and in most electronics stores.

Before making a purchase, double-check that the power adapter you choose has an input voltage range of 100V-240V. This range covers the standard voltage in Cambodia, as well as voltages used in many other countries worldwide.

By selecting a universal power adapter with the flexibility to accommodate different plug types and voltage ranges, you can use it not only in Cambodia but also during your future travels to various destinations without worrying about compatibility issues.

What are the 20 largest cities in Cambodia?

1. Phnom Penh

2. Battambang

3. Siem Reap

4. Sihanoukville

5. Poipet

6. Kampong Cham

7. Chbar Mon

8. Kampong Chhnang

9. Pursat

10. Ta Khmau

11. Prey Veng

12. Kampong Speu

13. Sisophon

14. Kratie

15. Kampot

16. Kampong Thom

17. Pailin

18. Koh Kong

19. Kampong Thom

20. Stung Treng