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best travel adapters for Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia Herzegovina electrical outlets : do I need a travel adapter?

You're going to travel to Bosnia Herzegovina and you don't know if your electric devices (your computer, mobile phone, battery charger...) will be able to work there?

To know if you need a travel plug adapter to go to Bosnia Herzegovina, you have to consider 3 things : the shape of the plugs, the voltage and the frequency of the current delivered by electrical outlets in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Electrical outlets (sockets) and plugs used in Bosnia Herzegovina

Here are the shape of the sockets in Bosnia Herzegovina, and the the types of plugs used in Bosnia Herzegovina :

electrical outlet socket type F in Bosnia Herzegovina
type F

plug type c  plug type e  plug type ef  plug type f  

Plug adapter for Bosnia Herzegovina

If none of your usual plug is compatible, you should buy a travel adapter to be able to plug your electric devices in Bosnia Herzegovina (please visit our selection on Amazon for more details).

best travel adapters for bosnia-herzegovina

Prepare your travel to enjoy your stay in Bosnia Herzegovina

What is the type of electrical outlets and current in Bosnia Herzegovina?

The electrical outlets in Bosnia Herzegovina are of Type C and Type F. Type C outlets have two round pins, while Type F outlets have two round pins with two earth clips on the sides.

The standard voltage in Bosnia Herzegovina is 230V, and the frequency is 50Hz. The maximum current is typically 16 Amps.

How can I charge the battery of my phone or computer in Bosnia Herzegovina?

To charge the battery of your phone or computer in Bosnia Herzegovina, you will need to have the appropriate power adapter. Bosnia Herzegovina uses 220-240V electricity with a European-style plug.

If your phone or computer's charger has a removable plug, you will need to find a suitable plug adapter that converts the plug to a European-style one. These adapters can be easily purchased online or at travel stores.

Once you have the correct plug adapter, simply plug your charger into the adapter and then insert it into the power outlet in Bosnia Herzegovina. Make sure the power outlet is compatible with your adapter and switch the power on if necessary.

It's important to note that some modern electronics, especially phones and laptops, are designed to work with different voltages and can handle a range of input voltages, typically from 100V to 240V. In such cases, you won't need a voltage converter. However, it's always a good idea to double-check the voltage specifications of your devices before plugging them in.

It's also worth mentioning that most hotels and accommodation providers in Bosnia Herzegovina offer power outlets that are compatible with various plug types, including European-style plugs. So, you may inquire with your accommodation if they have the right outlets available.

By following these steps and ensuring you have the appropriate plug adapter, you can easily charge your phone or computer in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Which power adapter should I buy for Bosnia Herzegovina?

When buying a power adapter for Bosnia Herzegovina, you should consider the type of plug used in the country. Bosnia Herzegovina typically uses the Europlug Type C and Type F power sockets.

To ensure compatibility, it is recommended to purchase a power adapter that supports both Type C and Type F plugs. These adapters can easily be found online or in stores that sell travel accessories.

It is important to note that the voltage in Bosnia Herzegovina is 220-240V, so make sure the power adapter you choose is compatible with this voltage range. Additionally, consider any other specific requirements you may have, such as the number of outlets or the need for surge protection.

Remember to check the specifications of the power adapter before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and will work safely and efficiently in Bosnia Herzegovina.

What are the 20 largest cities in Bosnia Herzegovina?

The 20 largest cities in Bosnia Herzegovina are:

1. Sarajevo

2. Banja Luka

3. Tuzla

4. Zenica

5. Mostar

6. Doboj

7. Prijedor

8. Bijeljina

9. Cazin

10. Travnik

11. Gračanica

12. Konjic

13. Brčko

14. Trebinje

15. Bosanska Gradiška

16. Lukavac

17. Zavidovići

18. Sanski Most

19. Gradačac

20. Vogošća